Rummy o Rules

The Rummy o rules, like the rules of Poker are basically very similar in all the different Rummy games. Each game, like Gin Rummy, like Kalooki and canasta has its own additional rules, but the basic, the main hart of the Rummy games are similar and carries the same rules

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The game of Rummy o is a game for 2-4 opponents, playing with decks of tiles with the jokers- 104 tiles in total. Each of the tile carry its own value, when the royalty tiles are 10 points each and the Ace can be 11 points or 1 point, depends the need.

The goal in the Rummy game and the main Rummy o rules is to get rid of all the tiles as soon and to be the first player around the table with no remaining tiles in his hands. Remember that is you are not the first to do that; you need to think how to be left with the minimum value of tiles in hands.

Each Rummy o opponent, in his turn, has to do three moves in order to get closer to the goal of the game. The first move is to take new care, either from the main pile or from the distills pile. This tile will be the new tile to get into the Sets and Runs. This is the second move, to fix all the tiles, into Sets and Runs. This is the way to get rid of the tiles, when you can lay the Sets and Runs on the table and by that – to get rid of those tiles. The third and last move in the player’s turn is to distill a tile, in the last turn; this is the final move before getting rid of all tiles.

The Rummy o rules are part of the best game to be played online; this is a great skills game, which you must try in order to learn and to fall in love with it. Eve poker player, which are very loyal to their game, are playing Rummy games online and enjoying it.