Toonerville Rook Rummy

Tonnerville Rook is a version of Contract Rummy performed with a number of Rook decks. The game’s objective is to have the lowest score at the end of the game. This can be done by discarding your cards onto the playing field and as few points against you.

Three to five participants are allowed to play per table, which can be done in a tournament style of groups of three to five people. By the end of every round, players have to move to another east. Retain a communal score sheet to tally everyone’s score as in single table Toonerville Rook.

A single deck of Rook cards per person at the table is required.

Runs and sets

A run is composed of four or more cards of the same suit in sequential order, while sets are made by three or more cards of the same number.

Rook card

The rook card is played as a wild card. If the rook is in a run on the play field, a player, during his/her turn may replace the card that the Rook card represents, taking the Rook card and employing on his own combinations. However, when a Rook card is taken in this fashion, it should be played during the player’s turn.

Player’s turn

At the start of each turn, a player must take one card from the deck or the discard pile. At the end of a player’s turn a player must dispose one card onto the discard pile, except when ending a round. A player may not take a card from the discard pile and discard the drawn card.

Additionally, at the beginning of a player’s turn, if the player does not want to take the top card from the discard pile, the other players are given the chance to buy that card before the player draws a card from the deck.

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Buying a card

If a player states that he wants to get the card on top of the discard pile, he can call buy on that card. If more than one player wants to buy the top card, the buyer closest to the player’s left may get the card. The player disposing of the card draws an additional card from the deck then play resumes with the player whose turn it is drawing his card from the deck. After a player buys a card, the player whose turn it is may not then take from the discard pile and must draw from the deck.

Playing a round

A player must meet the specified number of sets and runs for any round and play them on the field. A player may play cards on an opponent’s play field only during the following conditions:

  • The player has played on his own play field with the necessary amount of runs and sets for that round.
  • The card played on an opponent’s play field adheres to the rules for runs and sets.

Once a participant plays his/her final card on the field or discards the last card the round is over. Cards left in other players’ hands are tallied and recorded. The player who plays his final card receives no points.

Meanwhile, round 11 is different from the other rounds in the sense that you must not discard at the end of the round. The card that you draw at the start of your turn must fill the two runs and two sets you have accumulated so that you can lay your entire hand down at once.