Quan Dui Rummy

Quan Dui means ‘complete pairs.’ This game resembles rummy and can be played with 6 participants. Since the exact number of players has no bearing, it is possible for players to join and leave between hands. The game’s objective is to collect a 16-card hand consisting of eight pairs.


Unlike other rummy games that can be played with a set of playing cards, Quan Dui uses a different medium called Dong guan Pai. Dongguan is the country where the game was popularized. The pack consists of 120 cards and has numeral cards from 1 to 9 in three suits ben, suo, and wan, and three odd cards. The complete pack contains four identical copies of every card.

There are two types of pairs that can be formed, namely: Dui and Ka. The latter is a pair consisting of equal numbered cards of different suits while Dui is consists of a pair of identical cards.


The dealer shuffles and the player to the dealer’s left cuts. The top six cards are dealt to the dealer, and the deal proceeds counterclockwise in fives for three rounds, ending with the player to the dealer’s left. This means the dealer has 16 cards while other players have 15 apiece.

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The game is played counterclockwise. The dealer starts the game by discarding one face-up card, and each player ends their turn by discarding a face-up card. All these discards remain displayed in the center of the play table, but only the card most recently discarded can be taken by another payer.

The discard can be taken, in order of priority, by any player who wants to discard to complete a hand of eight pairs; and player who has an identical card in their hand and wants to pair it with the discard; and the player to the right of the discarder, who may pick up the discard if no one else wants to take it.

Finishing the game

The play continues in this way until someone completes a hand of eight pairs, shows their cards and wins the agreed wagers from each player.

If a player has a hand of eight pairs that is composed of ka and dui, you are allowed not to claim the win right away. If a player wishes to, he/she can continue playing to achieve a quan dui to collect more winnings.