Conquian Rummy

Conquian Rummy For Dummies

Rummy games are a collection of card games whose gameplay exhibits a series of actions such as drawing, discarding, and matching similar cards. These games are tremendously popular around the world and played by individuals of various ages and preference. Across the globe Rummy games are played in different formats according to country, each having their own mechanics and playing style. Plenty protest that the roots of Rummy took place a couple of centuries back, but there are still a lot of theories that surround the game’s background. However, the two most popular theories remain to be the Conquian and the Chinese theory.

Conquian is the earliest known Rummy game in the western world. It has been played since the late 1800’s, and traces its roots back to Latin America.

Players, Cards, and Deal

There are two players involved in a game of Conquian Rummy, and the deck consists of the cards from Ace to King without the presence of 8s, 9s, and 10s while the remaining cards sport the usual suits of hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs.

The dealer gives out ten cards to each player, at one time. The remaining cards are placed face down on the table to form a stock.

Objective and meld

The goal is to be the first player to ‘go out’ by melding 11 cards. Melding is performed by placing a valid group of cards face up on the table in front of you. These face up cards are called the meld.

The game allows the following combinations to be formed:

  • A group or short of three or four cards of the same rank
  • A sequence or straight of from 3-8 cards of the same suit in a consecutive order. Take note that the game follows ace as the lowest card and the 7 is next to the jack.

At all times, the meld formed on the table must comprise of one or more separate valid combinations. A single card can never be shared by multiple combinations at the same time.


The non-dealer starts the play by showing the top card of the stock face up, and given the two options:

  1. To meld the card along with cards from a hand.
  2. To pass, not melding any cards and leaving the turn up card for the dealer.

Afterwards, it is the dealers turn to play.

Apart from the non-dealer’s first turn, participants always begin the turn with the chance to use the card discarded by the opponent or the card which the other player did not use. The options are:

  1. To use this card as part of a meld on the table, for which purpose players may, put down on the table any number of cards from their hand. Players can then discard one card from their hand, reducing the number of cards plus to the consisting melds to ten. The discard pile is placed up in the center of the table.
  2. To reject the card, place it face down in a waste pile. If the card is rejected, players can then turn up the next card from the top of the stock. In this occasion, there are two options available:
    1. Use this turned up card as part of the meld on the table.
    2. To pass, not melding any cards and leaving the turned up card for the opponent.

End Game

The play continues this way until one player goes out or the stock is depleted. On the other hand, if played on a web-based portal, Spin Palace Casino offers an option that resets the game.

A player goes out by melding the face up card from the center of the table along with the remaining cards. The players remaining meld will then consist of 11 cards. In this case players have won and the opponent pays with a fixed stake.

If there are no cards remaining in the stock and players do not use the card the opponent discarded, players are unable to turn up a new card because there are none left. In this instance, the game is left in a draw. Participants can play the next game for a double stake if desired.